Whitelisting starts 00:00 SGT time!

Here is what you need to know

We will be using a google form to whitelist for the private sale

You need to enter the following:

  • Your country of residence
  • Your email address, you will receive a confirmation to it once you complete the form and also when whitelisted
  • Your ERC20 wallet address you will use for the private sale. This has to be the receiving wallet also on TGE and distribution date
  • The amount you are willing to buy in USDT. Minimum is 80 USDT and Maximum is 1000 USDT
  • Lastly we will ask 2 simple questions which can you just google and paste the answer, this is meant to prevent any excess load on the google form

If you get a “form submitted successfully” message then you have successfully submitted your application.

You will receive a confirmation in your email.

The whitelist will be open until it gets 250 entries or until 26 November 3pm SGT time, whichever comes first.

The group will be muted during whitelist

Good luck!

Switch between Stock and Crypto markets through Equity Swaps.

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