What is Bridge Finance?

Bridge Finance brings equity swaps to retail crypto and stock investing. Allowing you to simultaneously invest in both crypto and stock markets using the same capital. In addition, we specifically target the retail stock investing market to allow for tokenized SBLs (securities based loans) and hedging. We are an; asset tokenizing + liquidity unlocking + hedging + asset rights brokering + social trading; DeFi dApp platform. Targeting the retail stock and crypto investors, retail stock broking platforms, crypto exchanges, and traditional brokers.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between retail stock and retail crypto markets, as the younger generations are the ones that are increasingly becoming more active in investing now new simpler and more modern approaches are being introduced, but one which we saw key to accelerate that progression was to allow the free flow of liquidity or funds between the two markets, just as stocks and commodities have done for decades. In applying equity swaps to enable this we naturally also tackled two other problems:

(1) We’ve enabled securities based lending in retail trading apps like Robinhood, a thriving sector that has grown to trillions in a few years. With TD Ameritrade alone accounting for over 1.3 trillion dollars of AuM, imagine how much liquidity can be unlocked for this generation from their stocks, just as has been the case with traditional investors for decades.
(2) Hedging with different asset classes, your USD is the peg like in any hedge, this opens a door to not only hedge the traditional way but possibly profit beyond the agreed asset price, as the tokens acquired also gain.

The beauty of our mechanism is that its a plug and play solution that does not upset the status quo either to crypto exchanges or stock brokers. If anything it also offers benefits to stock brokers as they can now even put up stock offers to a new audience without requiring that they buy them fully, but to just buy the asset rights. Also it does away with geographically related legal barriers as equity swaps are used to transfer rights only not ownership hence do not fall under the same purviews that limit ownership by certain people in certain countries, which is a great legal work around and a huge win for them.

So to all our target markets the benefits are monumental, solving sophisticated problems with a simple application. The project will run as a dApp that also interfaces with all target markets from crypto exchanges & wallet apps, retail stock trading apps, and traditional brokers. Primarily on the Ethereum network but can easily migrate to other smart contract platforms. All dealings are non custodial and handled through smart contracts, with the smart contract just acting as a replacement for a clearing house, replacing a decades old approach to swaps.

Currently the available solutions are one way and all include synthetic assets with no real world physical assets behind them. They give great exposure to the real world assets they tokenize, and they focus mostly on the range or types of synthetics that can be created and traded. The money flow is one sided — from crypto to real world assets. We don’t not seek to claim to crush the competition, but to coexist, complement and tackle the overlooked issues.

Our team members are located all over the world, offices are registered in Hong Kong with a foreign branch office license in Singapore. Team members all have vast experience in their respective fields, core developers alone have 39 years of experience in total between them.

The company was founded and registered in 2019 and the team has been working to build the right fundamentals to progress on quietly. As of this month we have started our social engagement drive as the project has progressed equivocally.



Switch between Stock and Crypto markets through Equity Swaps.

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