Token Generation and Listing Event

Bridge Finance’s native token will be generated 7 December and listed right away on Uniswap.

We recently concluded two rounds of fund raising through a private sale round which raised 140,000 USDT and a Public Sale round which raised 95,000 USDT. Missing the target by 5,000 USDT.

Our token will go on to be generated on the 7th of December according to schedule. This is a very crucial event for our community members and investors, and we have worked to make sure that things go smoothly with no problems.

Things to look out for tomorrow:

  • Token Generation
  • Listing on Uniswap at 12:00 pm UTC
  • Bulk Token Distribution and contract address sharing

The listing timezone was chosen as its a more neutral time for most investors compared to our previous times for sales, which was deemed to be unfriendly.

The token will be available to trade for the very first time on Uniswap, here is what you need to know:

  • Liquidity pool will consist of 75,000 USD worth of ETH
  • Paired with 468,750 of our own tokens
  • Initial pool price will be $0.16 USD per token

Liquidity Notice

We would like to advise our investors that our initial liquidity pool has been revised down by $5,000 USD.

This was directly affected by our public sale missing the 100,000 USDT mark we had aimed for. All our other projects costs have remained, we still needed to take the same amount from our public sale and bring it onto our budget, with the resulting effect being that the liquidity pool is reduced.

We apologize for this inconvenience, it was unavoidable, we prioritized project costs to ensure the project is not impeded by this.

Token Distribution Notice

Our tokens will be distributed all at once, to ensure that all receiving addresses receive their tokens at the same time and not give other wallets a time advantage.

The token contract address will be shared in the main group at exactly the same time as the tokens are distributed.

Token Lock Notice

We resolved to lock the 8,000,000 Promo, Marketing, Biz dev — allocation as opposed to having it unlocked. We had initially planned to have it unlocked but this raised concerns and complains from our investors we we moved to resolve it by having the allocation time locked.

Price Discussion Notice

We would like to inform all our community members that price discussion is to be moved away from the main group. This is done to increase readability on project specific details and developments as opposed to focusing on price speculation.

Stay in touch with our community admins during this process for any assistance.

Again we thank you for taking us this far, we couldn’t have done it without you all.

If you are interested in following Bridge Finance’s progress get in touch with the project team members, you can participate and receive timely updates from the following official channels:

For partnerships, media, or other collaboration opportunities, please email:

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