Introducing Bridge Finance’s Bounty Program

Win 150USDT for coming number 1.

As our Alpha launch draws near we are now looking to boost awareness about the brilliant work our team has done so far and what we aim to achieve with our project.

To spread the word about Bridge Finance we are launching a bounty program among our community members.

The goal is to have as many new community members as possible join in the testing of the coming Alpha platform.

The guidelines are simple. You can choose any one of the two following approaches:

  1. Post about us and get the most social media engagements (likes, retweets, comments on your tweet/post). All interactions carry equal weight of 1 point. i.e. 500 interactions = 500 points.
  2. Invite users to our Telegram group
    Any new member has to credit you upon joining by simply posting: anything containing the text “Cr @your_username”. Each claim carries 1 point. i.e. 80 new members = 80 points

Alternatively: if you are adding members yourself or you know who is joining through you, simply DM Jeffrey to claim your members. Each claim carries 1 point. i.e. 80 new members = 80 points

Alternatively: create a post in your own private channel, share it to other users or groups. Then go back to your channel and take a screenshot of the total views count on that post. The views will be weighed by a factor of 0.3 i.e. if you have 300 views they actually carry a weight of 300 * 0.3 = 100 points


  1. The one with the most points after 14 days wins.
  2. Sign up on the Alpha platform with your telegram username and test the platform at least once.
  3. Each post or tweet should tag our Twitter handle @_bridgefinance Any telegram post should include at least 1 of : our website, our twitter handle or our telegram group link.
  4. No bots we will ask for random ways to verify the views or interactions.
  5. All claims should have supporting evidence in the form of a link or a screenshot.
  6. Claim by inboxing the admin with your proof. Results will be published on final day.

Prize: $150 USDT price money
Duration: 2 Weeks — 14 Days

Lets Build The Bridge !!!!

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