Bridge Finance Post Private Sale Summary


We successfully completed our Private Sale on 27 November raising $140,000. Here are the lessons we learnt from it:

  • Only 40% of whitelisted people go on to contribute.
  • Whitelisted people tend to want to change addresses resulting in more work.
  • The number of final holding addresses was not high enough at about 100 as we need to distribute tokens to a wider range of addresses holding upon listing, at least over 250.
  • A non-whitelisted sale moves faster than a whitelisted one where parties have to wait their turns. Traversing the list consumes time and requires too much attention from the participants who are waiting to fill remaining tokens.
  • More so, offering higher caps to fill the left over tokens is problematic and unfair.

96 Addresses participated, from 31 different countries

Refunds Processed

A few participants were disqualified for breaking terms of the sale, with the biggest amount being 15,700 USDT for sending too early whilst others broke limits during phase 1 or sent in phase one: phase one was reserved for the whitelisted participants only, giving them priority through the whole private sale to make sure they get a chance to buy tokens.

These people have since been contacted via email to make arrangements, and Refunds have since been processed as of yesterday. And as announced earlier we contacted a few people who were whitelisted, who had booked to take up the space opened up by these refunds.

Resounding success

As a sign of an overly subscribed sale we have since turned down over 80,000 USDT in offers for any private sale allocations available. No more allocations are available they were sold out 27 Nov.


We have been made aware of scammers emailing people pretending to be us, the private sale ended 27 Nov.

Our admins will not send you messages on telegram either asking for funds. Check our official group for a pinned message with all our official admins.

Details of the Public Sale scheduled for 5 December will be announced today.

If you are interested in following Bridge Finance’s progress get in touch with the project team members, you can participate and receive timely updates from the following official channels:

For partnerships, media, or other collaboration opportunities, please email:

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