Bridge Finance Alpha Launch

Our Alpha platform goes live today 14 November 2020 10AM SGT

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After months of hard work, the team has finally delivered on the first version of our platform. Here are some crucial notes about this big step in our journey:

  1. Alpha — not MVP. This is the real platform that will receive multiple release versions/updates over the coming months. The back-end of it (The Switch Protocol) is the final version (almost..), whilst the front end is the Alpha which will keep enabling and adding features over the next coming months.
  2. Metamask wallet only — USDT tokens only as our native token is yet to be generated.
  3. Smart contract staking is disabled it only sends tokens from-to your wallet but the blockchain transaction created is enough to register staked funds and enable equity swap contract creation (as maker) or taking as taker. After TGE we will enable smart contract pointing by the platform when staking our native tokens, this is just one simple line of code to enable it.
  4. Multiple price oracles — we employ multiple data oracles to get prices, this results in reduced page loading speeds if you are opening the swaps listing page or timeline. This is because for each swap contract card oracles have to return data and have it validated and averaged first against 3rd party stock market data APIs to get the closest price/data possible. Taking up a swap contract is however instant as collateral is staked in advance and the Switch Protocol is simply taking an allocation from it by through updating its ledger/records.
  5. Non — custodial — remember its all trustless. We do not store your keys or hold your funds. When the smart contract is enabled after tokensale and Beta version launch, your tokens/collateral will be stored in one smart contract and it will only send the tokens back to the sender addresses.

Some Beta version core features are heavily depended on the existence of the native token, as such will be rolled out after TGE. These features include: multi asset lending pool and liquidity mining.

The link and an article or guide will be released shortly, to detail what you currently can and cant do on the Alpha version.

Happy testing :)

PS: Remember to join the Community Bounty Competition and win the top price for sharing the news about our Alpha platform and bringing new members to join the community and participate in testing.

Switch between Stock and Crypto markets through Equity Swaps.

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